A classic combination of tradition and convenience

It feels like stepping back in time in this gorgeous Massachusetts farmhouse. Although it was built in 1950 and restored in 1997, it’s a replica of a 1780s Sea Captain’s home – and captures perfectly the ambiance and style of a typical New England home.

Unfortunately, the homeowners were continually bothered by bugs. Their favorite space is their traditional New England porch and they spend most of their time there to enjoy the view of the wildlife sanctuary just beyond the backyard. On most days though, they were driven indoors by biting insects before they could even sit down to dinner.

Classic New England home, with screened in porch by Phantom Screens

Hidden screens keep the look

Having extensively restored their beautiful home, the last thing the homeowners wanted was to spoil their home with unattractive fixed screens or a permanently screened-in porch. That’s why they chose Phantom’s Executive motorized retractable screens and had them recessed into the porch’s structure.
The screens appear at the touch of a button and disappear completely out of sight when not being used – preserving the classic and elegant look of their home.

Caustic New England home with screened in patio by Phantom Screens

The best of outdoors – indoors!

Because the homeowners spend so much time on their porch – as well as entertaining friends and family there – they love the combination of indoor and outdoor spaces. The motorized screens allow them to really get the best of both worlds and truly expand their living space. Plus, they can enjoy the breeze and views to their backyard without being bothered by bugs.

Hi-tech home with heritage style

Despite its very traditional style, the home has all of the modern conveniences you’d expect including high-performance electronics, a modern climate control system and of course, our Executive motorized screens. The homeowners love the screens because they are hidden from view under classic moldings next to the blue pine porch ceiling.

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