Cochrane Retractable Screens


Welcome to Phantom Screens of Southern Alberta! Since 1992 we have been warmly welcomed into the homes of Albertans providing innovative screening solutions. Being the original pioneers of retractable screens, our reputation has been built on providing quality products and unmatched customer service. We look forward to partnering with you to extend your patio season and to help you love your living space!

Cochrane is rich in its western heritage and is one of the fastest growing communities in Canada. Located at the base of Big Hill in the Bow River Valley, Cochrane is home to some of the most stunning views in Alberta. Whether nestled along the Bow, or perched high on the bluffs, residents of Cochrane are able to enjoy the natural beauty right in their own backyards.

From the wide open shores of Ghost Lake to the serene hideaways along the foothills of the majestic rockies, Phantom Screens help Albertans maximize their enjoyment of the great outdoors. Our screens increase air flow through the home while keeping the bugs out!

Ranging from retractable screens for single and double french doors to awnings and motorized screens for decks, patios, and large openings, we will be able to find a solution to help you love your living space.

For more information on how to enrich your living space and truly enjoy the beauty of Alberta, please fill out the Contact Us form for a FREE estimate.


Get the best of our Alberta summers! Enjoy the fresh air and great view of the outdoors with our retractable screen doors. When not in use, they disappear out of sight, without obstructing the look of your doorway.


Phantom’s window screens allow you to fully revel in the beauty of summer days and evenings, while giving you protection from insects, shade from the sun, and privacy. They are discreet and will match your home’s design, retracting out of sight when not in use.

Large Openings

Enjoy Alberta’s great outdoors! Refresh your body and mind as you create a pleasurable patio environment that will allow you to appreciate the beauty of your outdoor surroundings in comfort. Expand your home and create an outdoor living space that’s free of insects and protected from the harsh glare of the sun and wind.

Areas We Serve

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Bragg Creek

Cremona *
Ghost Lake *

Redwood Meadows

Sundre *

Waiporous *
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* Please note that locations listed with an asterisk have a travel charge. We can provide a firm quote when you contact us if this is the case for your area. We try our best to group clients from the same general area on the same day and we are happy to extend shared travel pricing to clients when this is possible.